Network Marketing Growth – 7 Tips For Growing Your MLM Business in a Bad Economy

Suppose Adrian Tea Brown should tell you that success or failure in your online network marketing business starts right there in your mind, what would you say? As Napoleon Hill says, “A man’s mental attitude in respect to defeat is the factor of major importance in determining whether he rides with the tides of fortune on the success side of the River of Life or is swept to the failure side by circumstances of misfortune”.

The whole secret of the formula by which you may turn defeat into an asset lives in your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude despite your personal challenges or the challenges around you, like the present economy for example.

You must practice to think positive and focus on what is important to your prospects or team. Thought just like action can be a habit. Do you have a habit of thinking positive or negative thoughts? You can think your way to success. Managing your online network marketing business in difficult times like now, can be to your advantage if you think positive, think about it. Here are seven tips to grow your online network marketing business in a bad economy.

1. Control Your Thoughts: Always control your thoughts, they are really the only thing you have control over. They will either make you or break you in this business. Get control of them and direct them towards your goals. Once you get control over your thoughts, the next step is to steer your prospects away from the negative mentality.

2. Look For Opportunities In The Crises: You are totally responsible for everything that is happening in your life. You have the power and the opportunity to change the direction of your life. You can do that by being positive. Know the difference between a glass that is half full from a glass that is half empty. The glass half full is going up, but the glass half empty is going down. When positive, you can help others see opportunities in their crisis.

3. Don’t Just “Please” Your Prospects or Team: Learn the difference between pleasing a prospect/team and providing value for them. Providing value means that you offer solutions, help them to solve problems, guide them in directions to fulfill their needs.. Pleasing is based on telling people what you think they want to hear.

4. Ensure Your Prospects/Team Feel Valued: People need to be valued, not just for their money, but for who they are. In order to do this, make sure that you are addressing their need for a strong sense of belonging and significance. For example, make sure that you are positive, proactive and always one step ahead of them, so you can offer substance of value.

5. Set Your Prospects/Team Expectations. It is not a matter of exceeding your prospects’ or team’s expectations, but rather, guaranteeing that they are never disappointed. Use your unique selling proposition (USP) to shape your prospect’s expectations. USP is your online network marketing business service or product’s most powerful benefits, in combination with a strong, unique aspect of your business. It answers that critical question… “Why should they trust you, buy from you, or use your service”.

6. Ensure That Your Prospects/Team Understand Your Values: People are drawn to integrity whether it comes from another person or from you. If your prospects/team understand what you stand for and what you are trying to accomplish, then they will be attracted to you to know more. It is important to remember to just be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone or anything else. Your own unique personality is a product in itself.

7. Let Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The people who get to know the “real you” who offer value that benefit them will love you and stay with you, or will only leave as a last resort. The key to survival of your online network marketing business in a down economy is to stay focus on what matter’s most – offering value and making your prospects or team satisfied.

Hi I’m Adrian T Brown the savvy home-based business online marketer showing you how to think and create Online Success Formula []. Think about it, you work long and hard, and most times is to make others rich who are enjoying the best of life at your expense.

The Stock Market Made Simple

You’re driving to work in the morning with the radio on and hear the following. “Bears took control yesterday and sent the stock market down 200 points on fears of today’s Fed decision. Some analysts feel stocks were over-bought and due for a correction.” You roll your eyes and look for some music. What language are they speaking?

Here’s a real simple investor guide that translates the above in very basic terms. Wall Street has its own language. If you want to learn to invest, it’s good to start by learning some of the language. Keep your perspective. This investor guide is written for the clueless who want to learn to invest.

The Bears are a football team in Chicago. Wall Street also has bears. These bears are negative on the future direction of stock prices, and they bet that stocks will fall. This they do by selling their stocks, or they sell short. When you sell short you bet that a stock, or stocks in general, will go down in value. This is legal, and has been going on for many years. When investors on balance are placing sell orders or orders to sell short vs. buy orders, the stock market goes down.

“The stock market was down 200 points” means that the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA or just DOW) fell 200 points. The DOW is the most popular of the market indicators or indexes. Basically, it tells investors how stocks in general performed. If the Dow fell from 10,000 to 9800, for example, it was down 200 points, for a loss of 2%. In other words, if you owned stocks yesterday, you probably just lost about 2% of your investment.

The “Fed” refers to The Federal Reserve, which oversees our banking system and sets policy on interest rates. In this case investors were, on balance, afraid that the Fed would not move to lower interest rates in the economy. Stock investors try to anticipate the future, and generally favor lower interest rates. They don’t like fear and uncertainty, and react by selling stocks, which sends the stock market down.

Analysts are experts who express their opinions. They refer to stocks as “over-bought” when they feel that the stock market is higher than it should be. This implies that if you are a smart investor that you should sell before everyone else does, in their humble opinion.

“Due for a correction” means that stocks go up and stocks go down, and sometimes they go too far in one direction. In this case some analysts feel that the market has been on a roll too long, and sooner or later stock prices will fall, since stock prices always fluctuate.

Investor guide tip #1: If you want to learn to invest in the stock market, start by learning the language. Then you can interpret the financial news, and anticipate how other investors will react to it.

Investor guide tip #2: Realize that other investors will react to the news if they feel it will affect the stock market. In this case they sold stocks and sent stock prices down.

Investor guide tip #3: As you learn to invest and play the stock market game, try to separate what’s truly important from hype. Some news has long-term effects on stock prices. Hype is a temporary distraction of little long term significance.

A retired financial planner, James Leitz has an MBA (finance) and 35 years of investing experience. For 20 years he advised individual investors, working directly with them helping them to reach their financial goals.

Bootstrapping Internet Marketer – How to Bring Offline Marketing to Online Business Success

This article will explain how to get beyond the cutthroat and saturated world of email marketing, gain more customers through off-line promotions, and bring your bootstrapped business to the next level. There are simply too many email lists out there and people do not have enough time to read them all.

You have to be an absolute animal now in your email marketing in order to maintain your list. Here is a way that you can use the old fashioned world of direct mail to help boost your sales in your on-line business:

1. Direct mail, if you can get the prospect to open it, has a captive audience. There is nothing to “click off” in a paper letter. The customer doesn’t have a hundred chat requests and Outlook reminders dinging in the background. It’s just a conversation between you and them.

2. If your list and promotion are spot-on, direct mail has a much higher return, on average, than email marketing. This is because everyone places such a low value on email. People still love to go to the mailbox every day to see what the post office brings them.

3. Paper can sit around longer than email. Granted, you are sending them a salesletter, which is not up there with preserving family heirlooms, but if your letter sits on the counter top for a few days or lies on the desk, it may get read more than once. Email just gets deleted as soon as possible to free up our in-boxes.

After you have established your on-line customer list, give them and additional bribe for sending you their real address. Mail them a report or a free sample. The trick is to make sure that the free thing has to be mailed to the customer’s address so that they do not provide you with a fake one just to get free stuff.

A solid combination of on-line and off-line marketing can add additional sources of traffic to your business for many years to come. Your list does not have to be that big, you just need to right list to feed your business for a long time.

Article Marketing – Writing Articles to Increase Website Traffic

If an Internet Marketer wants to be successful, it is vital for him to direct as much traffic as possible to his website. This means that the more visitors viewing the website of an internet marketer, the better. There are many ways to do this, and one of the most effective is by article marketing.

Article marketing is basically a means of promoting a business by writing articles related to its particular industry. These articles are made available to the public by having them submitted in an article directory allowing them to be distributed and published. Every article includes a byline and a bio box that contains the contact information of the author and other references to the author’s business.

Submitting articles to an article directory is advantageous first and foremost because it is for free. The main reason why article directory owners allow free submission of articles is because he or she places advertising on each page of the article and collects the revenue produced by it. Also, as more and more articles are submitted in the directory and as more and more people view those articles, the directory’s popularity in search engines increases as well, benefiting both the article directory owner and the author or the articles with the higher page views and visitors.

Moreover, almost ever user of the Internet does some research on a certain topic and almost certainly, they would be directed to article directories where articles are categorized according to topic. If they click on the link to your article, they will be directed to your site. This increases your traffic. Furthermore, if your articles are available for distribution and are of quality content, you increase the credibility of your business, and you get to attract more potential customers.

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